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“Buddha means awareness, the awareness of body and mind that prevents evil from arising in either.”  BODHIDHARMA

love notes

Linda, my physical body was HUMMING, like it just had a tune up! Now i feel so grounded and stable. i am so grateful to receive this embodied knowledge of how to help my energy and physical body to communicate so effectively.   Melissa. 

After starting Qigong with Linda, my emotional, physical and energetic state has changed.

I feel calmer after doing the practices. I no longer feel as much stress in my body or in my mind,  I feel more focused. I really love her classes.


It helps me to release and connect more with my center and unlock parts of my body.

 I feel more energetic and I can sleep better. I feel that her classes are not just any qigong classes, they are very special and are with a high frequency energy that you feel, that you rise in that same energy.

Thank you Linda for your sacred practices of Qigong.  

With Love and Gratitude,


I just experienced my second HGS with Linda, and I'm just floored how much information I have learned in just 2 sessions!  

Since I have joined Linda's Dragon Suns group, I love who I have gotten to know in Linda - compassionate, loving, supportive, easy to talk to, and funny as well. She has inspired me more & more to trust myself.  I'm excited to see what unfolds for me in the future! Linda's energetic light resonates deeply within and I fully trust her with my heart 

Thank you Linda for all you do and the light you have helped me bring back into my life! 


I feel so fortunate to have met Linda online.  She started doing some of my Tien Shan Chi Kung and so we got in touch.  I found out that she did long distance psychic healing and felt I should give it a try.

She is marvelously perceptive and has the ability to look inside your body, see what problems there are, and more importantly their causes, and to help correct those.

I found out through her, that my problems stemmed mainly from a certain powerful and dangerous spirit, a gate keeper, that is overly protective of this special place where I live.  This information has since been verified by two other very psychic friends, so I know it is true.  Like out of a science fiction fantasy story, but true nonetheless.

It was a huge relief to understand the situation here, a giant blessing.  Linda helped explain to this spirit that I am not a threat, which helped a lot, and this gate keeper and I have come to an understanding and are friends now … as long as I follow certain rather strict rules, which parallel my feelings anyway.

What Linda did for me was extremely valuable, and I encourage all people who have a problem with physical or emotional health, or a spirit problem, to contact her so she can help you.

Steve Gray, Qigong master and lineage holder, Tien Shan Hei Kung.

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